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  • leadingtosunshine:

    Lauren is my spirit animal.

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  • crystallized-teardrops:

    nothing makes me more sad and mad than seeing the nicest people being treated like crap

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  • The time is ours, got the people in my car, this night is out of control, yeah we are out of control..

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  • jaureguisms:

    Fifth Harmony in the Faking It trailer 


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  • blackfemalepresident:

    daily reminder that

    - if a man makes you feel uncomfortable. dont feel obligated to giggle it off. leave. without a single word if you want

    - you dont owe men your kindness or time

    - no man is entitled to you just because he was nice to you

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  • dajo42:

    "it’s just a phase"
    i mean the moon has phases but it’s still literally always the moon. just because the moon’s doing something different today doesn’t mean it was lying about being the moon yesterday

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